Class A Commercial Paint / Primed & Ready

From Paint-ready primer to Class-A finishes, you can count on National Composites to provide best-in-class surfaces. Our state-of-the-art facilities meet and exceed the most stringent of customer demands. 

At National Composites, our proven top-coat or base/clear application technologies are the perfect solutions from metal preparation to top-coat applications. With years of experience in the coating industry, we have the proven expertise to provide prep, prime, and paint systems for metals, plastics, and composites.

Our paint facility can handle parts as large as 10 feet wide x 25 feet long x 15 feet tall. Our capabilities/process consists of 5-stages: 

  • Composite prime paint, primer coat
  • Primer cure
  • Stage-1 Paint
  • Stage 2 paint and final cure
  • Final cure

Class A Commercial Paint:

At the National Composites Able Manufacturing location, we feature the distinctive add-value service of state-of-the-art prime and paint systems for metals, plastics, and composites. This capability is often the perfect next step in the production process after trim parts have gone through manufacturing and carefully inspected for minor blemishes. They are repaired, and scuff sand is completed before painting.  Once manufacturing, assembly, and primer steps have been completed, we turn to our Computer Controlled Paint Tint & Mix System to ensure perfect color match, part after part, based upon customer specifications. So from single tone Class A Commercial Paint finish to a 2-tone finish, National Composites' Able location is experienced and ready to serve and deliver customer demands.

Primed & Ready:

All of our production facilities have paint booths and the capability to ensure a premier paint-ready surface when required by our customers. Our typical paint-ready processes include a sanded primer gel-coat finish and a primer painted top-coat finish. So, whether you are seeking a Class A Commercial paint or Primed and Ready resource, look no further than National Composites. We are primed and ready to serve customers' metal or composite paint demands with our years of experience.