With over 100 years of combined experience or engineering teams work along-side our customers to embrace and improve the customers’ final desired outcome. From start to finish, a group is assigned to the customer’s project-based upon experience to manage all pattern and tool build, prototyping, engineering, design, and program management in-house to ensure quality and control.

Design and Program Management

You can count on your National Composites team to provide as much or as little engineering assistance as our customer requires. Using Solidworks and NX, our team can assist in part design and reverse engineering through scanning utilizing our multiple FARO scanning arm and touch probe. A specialized project-team manages program launches and monitoring pattern builds, tooling and fixture builds, part validation, and much more.

Pattern, Tooling and Prototyping

At National Composites, we pride ourselves in our full-service capabilities, engineered to meet and exceed all-composite methods. We support each customer project in-house, from pattern and tooling work to our multiple CNCs and every-step in between. Whether the demand is small or large, National Composites' dedication to continuous improvement has increased. Through our CNCs at Excel we have the capacity to cut models/patterns and working envelope of 20'x14'x6. A part of our "Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources" philosophy empowers our teams to serve customer demands, small or large. National Composites' experienced team can build tools for multiple molding methods utilizing Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy, and heated tools. When appropriate, we implore hand layup or infusion methods that can produce complex prototypes and low volume production.