Operations Manager

Brady Beckham

While Brady has only been a part of the National family since February of 2022, one could say that having a career in the Able Manufacturing location is like returning to his roots. His father worked at Able in the 90s and his Grand Father before that.

Brady’s passion for enhancing performance has been his focus since starting his career in the FRP industry as a Continuous Improvement Engineer. Over the next three years, he supervised the engineering design of new products in metals and composites.

While Brady’s next 6-years weren’t at Able, his continued personal growth never wavered. That growth and dedication to excellence earned him the opportunity to join the National Family as the Operations Manager at Able.

Brady was happiest when arriving on his first day were the core values, written and on display every day through the dedication to excellence the entire team has. He feels like National’s leadership empowers him to apply his expertise and be a leader that enhances customer satisfaction while providing career opportunities for others on the team.

I fully embrace the Small plant focus big company resources National Composites promises. To support the National promise, my role is to give my team the time, tools, and training to be responsive and willing to take on challenges and succeed.

Enhancing performance is also in my personal life. I’ve been an endurance athlete since I ran my first 5K at age 9. My longest swim is 2 miles, my longest bike ride is 130 miles, and my longest day running/walking was 42 miles in 2021. I am not fast these days, but I enjoy the challenge and effort to match the amount of training I have, no matter how good or bad my fitness is on that day.

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