Director of Operations

Brandon Craven

Brandon is currently at Great Lakes Composite, yet, prior to joining the National Family, he had over 18-years of composite industry experience. His stint with the National Composites family has now spanned over 5-years. He was initially attracted to join the National family because of his interest in the marine/boating industry. Through that experience, he found he continued to expand his knowledge about the industry through the vast array of molding techniques and processes National Composites provided the marketplace.

Through Brandon’s desire for continued self-improvement and wanting to help others, he has held positions as a production coordinator and now as the Operations Manager. When asked what he likes best about working at National, his response was: “It’s like we are all a big family, all for one, and one for all.”

As his part, Brandon believes that extending the family attitude in dealing with customers is the best way that he can support the Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources promise.

When not at work, you can most often find Brandon enjoying the outdoors. He has a passion for fishing and hunting on his 13 acres of land.

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