Director of Operations

Brooke Ripley

Brooke has been a part of the organization for quite some time. She has worn many hats and has excelled and grown with the company since day-1 of her employment.

She first started in an HR role and has since either managed or filled nearly every administration position. In her current role with National Composites, she believes that Small plant focus, big company resources begin by treating every internal staff member with the utmost respect and providing guidance and encouragement in achieving career goals. She believes that excellent communication is the key to gaining and maintaining the trust and loyalty of all that the company serves for the customer base. 

Brooke takes great pride in being a part of a team that maintains the best facility possible. This includes a safe, clean, and up-to-date facility and equipment, which provides team members to focus on the production and delivery of quality parts, on time, and on budget.

As the organization continues along with its growth, Brooke looks forward to assisting others in achieving success. She believes that anything is possible in business when one remains focused on quality, acts with integrity, and treats everyone equally.

When Brooke is not at her work-acholic position at National, she takes on the family event planner role. Whether it’s a quick trip to park on a Saturday morning, a “staycation,” or a weekend family adventure, she does it with passion.

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