Director of Operations

Diane Gagnier

With over 43 years of experience in the composite industry, there is very little that Diane hasn’t seen or done. And, while others with that level of experience may have the attitude of “I know it all,” Diane is just the opposite. One of the things that have kept her in this industry all these years is her passion for learning new processes that increase efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction.

As Director of Operations, Diane truly enjoys working with the Production and Floor Manager, defining what, how, and when for each job. Then once determined, she is the “go-between” with the customer and the Great Lakes family of professionals. And, while she enjoys being the key contact, there is rarely a day she doesn’t find time to walk the plant and revel in the creativity of what is being produced on the floor.

When asked about how her role impacts the National Composites Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources, she states: “We build up to a quality, not down to a price.”

In her personal life, Diane has a passion for yard work. She feels that the best way to respect her neighbors and the community she lives in is to maintain that yard to the highest quality.

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