Technical Director: Engineering and Quality

Jessica Galindo

Jessica started her career at Able in 1999 after completing an engineering degree. Her never-ending level of energy and passion for quality and product development is what allowed her to achieve her current responsibilities.

When asked how she was doing, her quick-witted response was: “I’m going crazy, but I love it!” Followed up with how can you be going crazy and love it: “With National Composites taking over, we’ve been awarded even more new business – it’s great, it’s never boring, and I personally enjoy being crazy busy.”

As Jessica puts it, providing the technical support necessary for our Able team to do great things is my way of supporting National Composites Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources. Through that support, we are able to achieve and often exceed the quality demands of the marketplace.

Thriving on staying “crazy-busy” doesn’t end at work for Jessica. She has two sons who keep her on her toes with sports and activities, she has a passion for gardening and anything outdoors. She typically ends her busy days at the gym for a bit of stress relief by doing CrossFit.

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