Human Resources Generalist

Kassi Fritzke

Like many throughout the National Composites family, Kassi sees her position at Sunrise Fiberglass that she began in February of 2022 as a career, not a job. Initially, Kassi’s position was a Human Resources Assistant, yet, through her dedication, she was quickly was promoted to Human Resources Generalist of Sunrise Fiberglass of Minnesota.

On Kassis’ first day, she was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and culture. She felt like she fit in immediately. Everyone was so kind, helpful, and resourceful. It was the family-like atmosphere explained to her during my interview, which was so pleasant to experience.

As a Human Resources Generalist, Kassi has found that everyone who works at Sunrise is extremely dedicated to their position, customers, and demands necessary to provide quality products to everyone we serve. She’s convinced that stems from the passion in everyone you speak to about the work they do, and one can tell they are very proud of it.

Like everyone, Kassi often seeks time to breathe easy and reduce the day’s stress. She loves plants and gardening. It’s her biggest stress reliever in life. She enjoys propagating plants and sharing them with family, friends, coworkers, etc. Her dream is to one day have her own greenhouse (as a side job) and be able to share my love for plants with my community and surrounding communities.

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