Quality Manager

Lisa Huey

One of the things that Lisa enjoys most about her job is the camaraderie found among the Molded Plastics co-worker family. Some have 20, 30, and 40 years of experience level that are always willing to lend a hand and enlighten others through their knowledge of the composite industry.

As a part of Lisa’s role, she often walks the floor of the plant floor and is astounded by the team’s dedication to quality and the beauty of the end results delivered to the customer base.

As the Quality Manager, she is in communication with the customer throughout each step of the process. She feels that excellent communication is often a key to a project’s success, starting from the very beginning all the way to receiving post-project delivery customer feedback.

When asked about her role in supporting National Composites Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources brand promise, her response was simple: “do all that you can to deliver a quality product on time and budget.”

When Lisa isn’t at Molded Plastics doing her part as Quality Manager, she enjoys the quality of life through her artwork. Much like many artists, few would ever know that Lisa has this talent because she rarely shares this with many.

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