Human Resources Coordinator

Mandy DeBord

Mandy originally started with the National Composites family in October of 2020. She is currently the Human Resources Coordinator at MPI.

In this position, one always wishes to create a family atmosphere. What surprised Mandy was how she found that already existed at MPI once she arrived. She was equally impressed by the culture of growth and the passion for excellence throughout the entire organization.

She states that her daily focus is always on further supporting the family-fits, welcoming, fun atmosphere. The personal relationships at and after work have been incredibly rewarding.

On a corporate-wide level, she finds that working as a team with all those involved with HR truly helps bring projects to fruition. Through weekly team communications, Mandy and the team can provide support and even help each other find resources for employees in need.

Looking ahead, Mandy is highly excited about the expansion planned here at MPI. The new projects we have coming will allow us to double our current staff, adding to our family here.  

In her free time, Mandy is passionate about traveling with my family. Shae has been to 23 U.S. States and Territories and 8 countries, and I can’t wait to add more stamps to my Passport! So look out, world, here she comes.

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