Director of Human Resources

Paula Monttayne

I actually started my professional career as an Infant Lead Teacher and then moved to the corporate office of National Composites in the accounting and purchasing roles prior to becoming an HR person. Today, I am the HR Director of the entire company. While the demand for HR has changed greatly over the past 28-years, our focus on recruiting highly skilled individuals with a passion for personal career growth has remained at the forefront of all that we do.

Thinking back, going from the service industry to the manufacturing industry was surprisingly interesting and rewarding.  To watch a group of employees create something from scratch and take pride in their craftsmanship and want to make the best quality product is so worthwhile. 

Our Small plant focus, big company resources drives everything that we do at National Composites. Our dedication to continuous improvement of plant and personal is one of the primary ways that we defend that brand promise.  At National Composites, our entire team strives together to deliver more than just quality products, we are dedicated to being a true partner with people you can rely on.

My team and I pride ourselves on finding the best candidate to add to the NC family together creating a happy, healthy, and fun working environment.  Our culture is family-oriented, quality-focused while working towards our core values to strengthen the foundation of our team.

While I’m not at work, family comes first, and then my love of the rumble of a Harley rambling down the road. Wind in my hair, I just don’t care!

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