Rick Grise

Rick brings over 30 plus years of business experience to the table. He has owned and operated multiple businesses and been a part of Able for 14 of those 30 years. Over those years, he helped triple sales, implement process improvements, and advanced the careers of many.

His most recent position was Business Development Executive, and since the National Composites purchase of Able has been named President of the company. Interestingly, when speaking to Rick, it became apparent that the title did not mean as much to him as his responsibilities as a leader did.

In support of the National Composites Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources pledge, he is committed to executive business development, customer service, and new product development.

Having now joined the National Composites leadership team, Rick found the organization’s passion for aggressive yet, managed growth something to be celebrated. And, speaking of growth, as time passes, his personal goal is to nurture those around him so that they will be able to take his place as Able president. Once that goal has been achieved, he hopes to join the National Composites Corporate leadership and share his breadth of experience to foster continued growth when that time comes.

In the little leisure time that Rick has, you’re likely to find him on the golf course or attending a football game at his alma mater Norte Dame. If not there, he’ll be in his garage tinkering with his car collection, made up of 55 Chevy Nomad, 57 T-Bird, 32 Ford custom coupe, 65 XKE Jaguar,28 Dodge Sedan.

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