Engineering Manager

Tom Bradford

Tom began his career at National Compoistes’ Excel Pattern and Tool as a CNC operator. While that position hasn’t changed, Tom finds rewarding the variety of work he participates in.

He feels that one of the things that supports the National brand promise is how often all the plants work together to get things done for the customer. Tom often works closely with the other plant in Owosso and our plant in Holt. I also can work with all of the plants within the national composites name.

Tom states that it’s like we are all one big family that works together to get the job done. Regardless of one’s position in the organization, we all do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.

As Tom looks to the future, his goal is to climb the National Composites ladder as high as he can go.

Look out because he’s training when he’s not at work and currently has a Master black belt (4th Degree) in Tang Soo Do, martial arts, and has trained for over 13 years.

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