Toni Cichowski

While Toni is relatively new to National Composites, having started in March 2021, she’s already made a significant impact by applying her vast experience to the organization.

As the controller, she will be on the front line, joining a management team that embraces change and continually seeks new opportunities. Her hope is to add to the long list of employees that have been with National for many years. It was a pleasant surprise for Toni to discover the longevity and the amazing welcome and offering of support from so many when joining the National family.

Toni’s thoughts on supporting the Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources are refreshing and looked forward to by all.  Her focus on providing timely, reliable, accurate, and excellent financial customer service to each of our customers, vendors, and business partners – both external and internal is in perfect alignment with the National brand promise. She feels that regardless of how big National is or gets, her goal is to show each of our partners that they are important, valued, and appreciated.

Looking ahead, it’s difficult to say what type of opportunities Toni will experience in the future. For now, she’ll be spending the next several months becoming familiar and acclimated to National’s full book of business and understanding the operations team’s goals.

Toni grew up as an only child to a single mom. In high school, she found that she had an older half-sister via her biological father. Having no relationship with her biological father, or his family, she could never determine if she had any relatives.

Nearly 30 years later, through an Ancestry DNA kit from a friend for Christmas, Toni discovered her family tree through a hit on a DNA match. It turned out that she had a long-lost sister who lives near Pittsburgh. With that knowledge, she and her husband traveled to meet her and her family.

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