At National Composites, we pride ourselves on applying our advanced technical composite skills into artful solutions. From multiple manufactured items to the custom-designed one-of-a-kind request, National Composites adds the art of perfection into each project.

With our family of multiple locations, molding methods, and over 560,000 square feet of production space, National composites is open to taking on all challenges of all shapes and sizes.

Our career composite specialists team has experience working with customer demands from large parts and small, too highly designed one-of-a-kind artworks.

Complex Multi-Piece Tool Lamination and Assembly For The Marine Marketing

National Composites is your trusted partner in marine composite manufacturing. With a focus on strong customer partnerships, we ensure quality products through detailed design reviews and assembly plans. Our specialized capabilities in marine market hybrid solutions, along with advanced technical skills and state-of-the-art equipment, allow us to deliver superior composite offerings. Count on our skilled craftspeople who have collaborated with renowned names in the boating industry to bring designer dreams to life. From multi-piece open molds to class A Gelcoat surfaces, National Composites is your solution for exceptional marine composite manufacturing.

Bonding Example Including Cab
Full FRP metal cab build and Assembly For the Construction Market

National Composites excels in detailed value-added assembly, meeting production schedules and end-use customer deliveries. Our skilled team handles complex projects, such as open molding crane cabs, CNC trimming, hand finishing, assembly, and painting. With 360-degree assembly support, we install windows, upholstery, electronics, and more to deliver finished cabs ready for the production line. Trust us for meticulous assembly expertise and efficient delivery at National Composites.

Hospitality Door
Close molded fiberglass door skins

National Composites combines art and science to meet the unique demands of the hospitality market. Our experienced team utilizes specialty resins to comply with fire and smoke standards while delivering visually appealing finishes. Through closed molding, we create various shapes, sizes, textures, and looks, including door skins with realistic wood grain appearances. Our fiberglass hollow core doors offer modern design, exceptional durability, resistance to warping, enhanced insulation, and outstanding soundproofing capabilities for long-lasting, high-performance entryways in residential and commercial spaces. Trust National Composites for innovative solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality.

2020 Mpi Close Molded Assembly For School Bus
Close molded assembly for school bus

At National Composites, we support our customers’ needs to keep things on the road. With expertise in specialty vehicles, including fire trucks, armored vehicles, and electric vehicles, we prioritize meeting deadlines, budgets, and safety requirements.

For school bus assemblies, we utilize RTM close molding with a primer gel coat. Our meticulous process includes Robotic-trimming, in-house painting, and rigorous inspections. Our assembly team adds lights and mounting brackets, and before leaving our facility, each assembly undergoes thorough quality and safety testing.

Count on National Composites for reliable solutions that ensure smooth operations and vehicle performance.

Boom Cab
Fabrication of an Enclosed Boom Cabin for the Aerospace Industry

National Composites provides turn-key cab fabrication services, delivering complex assembly solutions for our customers. Our recent project focused on ensuring safety and protection for operators of large boom lifts. With precision-welded aluminum frames, class-A paint finishes, polycarbonate windows, and watertight construction, we prioritize top-quality results.

Working closely with customers, our skilled teams design, build fixtures, machine and stamp parts, and install necessary components. Rigorous quality controls ensure dimensional accuracy, weather-tightness, and functionality. At National Composites, we collaborate across disciplines to achieve customer goals. Trust us for seamless turn-key cab fabrication prioritizing safety, quality, and precision.

Diving board

Our FRP diving board is the epitome of strength, durability, and safety. Crafted using high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), it offers exceptional resilience against wear and tear, ensuring years of enjoyable use. Designed with precision and tested rigorously, our diving boards meet the highest industry standards, providing a secure and reliable platform for swimmers and divers of all levels.

Cooling Tower
Fabrication of a Fan Cylinder Access Door Assembly for an Industrial Cooling / HVAC Application

National Composites specializes in building large and precise fiberglass assemblies. One of our projects involved manufacturing fan cylinder assemblies for the cooling industry. These lightweight and durable sub-assemblies direct forced air from cylinder fans.

We utilize a range of materials, including fire retardant and non-fire retardant gels, resins, and specialized reinforcing fabrics. Our cylinders feature a foam core to reduce noise and vibration, along with an enamel coating for outdoor durability.

To ensure quality, we conduct thorough inspections using precision metrology tools and third-party testing services to verify material and mechanical specifications.

At National Composites, our expertise enables us to deliver high-quality, lightweight assemblies capable of withstanding demanding operating environments. Trust us for precise fiberglass solutions tailored to your needs.

Open Molding Hood
Fiberglass Lamination & Open Molding of a Hood for the Construction Machinery Industry

National Composites is your trusted supplier for high-quality parts in the heavy equipment industry. We specialize in optimizing production processes and delivering reliable solutions for various applications. From engine hoods to equipment components, our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and experience the difference with National Composites.

Cab Fab1
Metal Cab Fabrication

At National Composites, we specialize in custom metal cab fabrication, offering top-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. Our skilled team has extensive expertise in creating metal cabs for a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty industrial equipment to specialized vehicles. With meticulous attention to detail, advanced welding techniques, and the use of superior materials, our metal cabs are built to withstand even the harshest environments. Partner with us for bespoke metal cab fabrication solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

2022 Boka Marine Hi Res 1741

Introducing Boka Marine, a subsidiary of National Composites, making waves in the boating industry with our compact pontoon e-boats. Boka e-boats are not only fun but also highly affordable. Designed by American Recreational Products, they cater to a wide range of boating budgets, making them perfect for various activities, from angling to leisurely outings. Boka’s finished products boast a seamless integration of open mold fiberglass processing, exceptional class A commercial paint abilities, and top-notch assembly services. Experience the perfect blend of quality and enjoyment with Boka Marine’s innovative e-boats.

Electric Bus Roof-Tops

National Composites presents the epitome of durability, safety, and performance with our all fiberglass school bus roof tops. Our expertise lies in crafting cutting-edge roof tops using advanced Thermoform technology and high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) materials, robotically chopped and finished with a UV gelcoat. Designed specifically for school buses, our Thermoform/FRP roof tops excel in resisting harsh weather conditions, ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for students throughout their transportation. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to industry standards, National Composites delivers reliable, long-lasting protection. Trust us for exceptional Thermoform/FRP solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of school bus transportation.

Thermoforming/Vacuum forming

National Composites excels in Thermoforming/Vacuum forming, creating a diverse range of precision items. From packaging materials to automotive components, our process ensures lightweight durability and consistent quality. These booth seat backs are finished with a specialty granite flex acrylic. Trust us for cost-effective solutions and rapid production of custom items. Experience innovation, reliability, and performance with National Composites.

Hospitality Door
Close molded fiberglass door skins

To succeed when serving the hospitality market, one must apply both art and science to meet and exceed customer demands. At National Composites items, food and beverage/hospitality markets require specialty resins to comply with fire and smoke standards as well as eye appealing finishes.

Our team of experienced composite engineers utilizes and sources specialty resins to meet our customer’s needs. Using a closed molding process allows us to produce many different shapes, sizes, textures, and looks.

One such example is this door skins, where our proprietary tooling allows us to create this wood grain look and realistic feel.

2020 Mpi Close Molded Assembly For School Bus
Close molded assembly for school bus

At National Composites, when our customers need to keep the thing on the road, we’re there to support their demands. Through many years of experience working in the specialty vehicle market, producing parts and assemblies for fire trucks, armored vehicles, electric vehicles, we understand success is when the rubber hits the road.

Meeting deadlines, budgets, and safety requirements couldn’t be more critical than when you are producing parts for the school bus assembly. We rely upon RTM (Resin transfer molding) close molded with a primer gel coat when working with this market.

Once that process has been completed, per customer specs, it is hand-trimmed and painted in-house, and inspected for perfection. Then and only then, our assembly team adds all of the lights and mounting brackets. Most importantly, before it ever leaves the door, our team runs the assembly though a quality/safety review, testing the lights and electronics to ensure our customer does not encounter any unexpended issues on their line.

Fabrication of an Enclosed Boom Cabin for the Aerospace Industry

At National Composites, our integrated services and multiple process capabilities enable us to provide fabrication for complex assemblies resulting in a turn-key cab for our customers. The project highlighted here was designed to keep the operators of enormous boom lifts safe, secure, and protected from the elements. It features a precision-welded aluminum frame with a class-A paint finish, polycarbonate windows, and watertight construction.

Working from customer specifications and a highly coordinated project plan, we designed and built the fixtures, then machined and stamped the parts and installed the clear polycarbonate windows. Dimensional tolerance requirements of +/-.030″, +/-2° angular, required that our welding team display precision control over the joining process when fabricating the cabin housing. More than 71 components, including doors, weather-stripping, wipers, seats, and the interior console, were part of the completed 46.28″ x 42.57″ x 63.21″ assembly.

In-process and post-assembly quality controls, executed following our quality management plan, ensured that the final product was dimensionally accurate, 100% weather-tight, and the electronics fully functional. Multi-disciplined groups of experts working together toward a common goal made this project a success.

Fabrication of a Fan Cylinder Access Door Assembly for an Industrial Cooling / HVAC Application

At National Composites, our expertise is frequently called upon to build large fiberglass assemblies with highly specific mechanical and material properties. We manufacture these 165” x 88.5” x 25” fiberglass fan cylinder assemblies for a cooling industry customer. Ultimately used for directing a stream of forced air generated by cylinder fans, each of the units served as a sub-assembly to a much larger build on-site.

Materials of construction included both fire retardant and non-fire retardant gels and resins and specialized reinforcing fabrics. The cylinders feature a foam core designed to eliminate unwanted noise and vibration, adding an enamel coating formulated to withstand outdoor exposure and maintain the desired protective surface quality. 

Once completed, we inspect each component using various precision metrology tools and a 3rd party testing service to verify material and mechanical specifications.

At National Composites, our broad array of expertise enabled us to deliver this quality skillfully and lightweight assemblies that stand up to the stress and abuse of their operating environment.

Fiberglass Lamination & Open Molding of a Hood for the Construction Machinery Industry

At National Composites, our in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing has made us a trusted supplier of large parts to the heavy equipment industry. When approached by a customer to fabricate this engine hood, we began the collaboration by conducting a design-for-manufacturability assessment of their part drawing. Our engineers determined that a combination of light fiberglass resin transfer molding and utilizing an open mold process would be ideal for delivering a durable, tight tolerance assembly with a high-quality surface finish and minimized tooling costs.

Building the tooling for the components of this 60″ x 30″ x 25″ fabrication was done in-house and dimensionally inspected by utilizing an advanced technology laser scanning device. We employed multiple fabrication processes to lay-up the parts to precise thicknesses and molded-in steel brackets for added structural stability. A specialty-formulated 2-tone gel coat provided the durable, high-gloss, showpiece type finish. Additional operations included trimming, drilling, and painting the black surfaces. Both in-process and final piece inspections ensured that we met the tight tolerance requirements for material thickness and overall size.

This component’s lightweight durability is field-proven, and we currently manufacture 1000+ units annually for just-in-time delivery to our customers. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can optimize the production of your equipment components.