Each National Composite Location has been Deemed Essential Because YOU ARE ESSENTIAL!

Rest assured, we've taken all the steps necessary to ensure minimum impact from COVID-19 in each of our locations. As in the past, we continue our dedication to providing Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources necessary to fulfill each of our customer's demands'.

Shipping and Logistics

National Composites takes pride in having the ability to manage every step of the production process in house, from designing and prototyping to packaging and delivery. For the convenience to our customers, National composites owns and maintains a large fleet of trucks and trailers in order to to manage the varying shipping needs to our customers.


Finished products are packaged to our customer’s specifications and/or to National’s recommendations to ensure safe delivery. We will assist in the cost analysis between disposable packaging materials, returnable containers, or custom designed rack systems.


National Composites has a dedicated shipping department at each of our production facilities. Having an in-house truck fleet ensures that our customer's products are delivered on time and safely. When taking on new projects we will do a cost analysis to determine the most cost effective shipping method for our customers.