Sunrise Fiberglass

Sunrise Fiberglass has been open since 1968. Their staff is made up of career fiberglass specialists with decades of experience. The team at Sunrise have the diverse skill sets and capabilities to execute our customers’ needs in the heavy equipment market and beyond. Sunrise is currently building parts for cranes, skid-steers, paving equipment, mining equipment, trains, underground infrastructure, and more. With multiple molding capabilities and an extremely advanced paint, bonding, and assembly department, Sunrise specializes in producing complex parts and large sub-assemblies.


  • 55,000 sqft
  • 6 Spray-up booths
  • LRTM Molding – Light Resin Transfer Molding
  • KMT Robotic Trimming Cell
  • 15' x 30' x 9' Gel Coat Booth with 4 color in-line gel units
  • 14' x 20' x 9' Paint Booth
  • Hoffman 20' x 25' x 9' High Carbon Steel Abrasive Blast Room
  • Dedicated Installation and Assembly Department

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Address: 5175 260th St, Wyoming, MN 55092

Phone: (877) 362-0008