The Team

Our work environment encourages teamwork, self-discovery, and personal interaction, which means that rarely will one come to work and do the same thing day-after-day. Our on-the-job cross-training provides personal and professional growth.

At National Composites, attention to detail isn’t a requirement, and it’s a lifestyle. Our team of craftsmen takes great pride in doing the job right. They take great pride in knowing that because of what they are doing, light rail cars are on track; fire-trucks and medical devices are ready to save lives; planes can land and take-off safely, and school cafeterias have places for students to enjoy lunch.

Please take a moment to meet, and get to know those who make up our locations’ family. We hope you enjoy learning the personal side of those that make National Composites an organization that prides themselves on defending our small plant focus, big company resources customer promise.

National Composites


Mark Nichols

Meet Mark Nichols, our dynamic new Vice President of Operations at National Composites, where he’s already revolutionizing th…

Meet Mark Nichols
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Dennis Vorse

Dennis Vorse is a distinguished member of our National Composites Management team, bringing with him a rich history of expertise an…

Meet Dennis Vorse

Chad Darnell

Chad Darnell is the current CFO of National Composites, a company in the composite materials industry. He joined the company in 202…

Meet Chad Darnell

Rick Grise

Rick Grise born in a small town in Indiana. However his father worked on refineries all over the world and Rick landed in 9 diffe…

Meet Rick Grise

Mary Soules

Mary Soules brings a fresh and experienced perspective to her role as Controller at National Composites. Though new to the composit…

Meet Mary Soules

Great Lakes Composite


Brandon Craven

Brandon is currently at Great Lakes Composite, yet, prior to joining the National Family, he had over 18-years of composite industr…

Meet Brandon Craven

Cara Petoskey

Cara joined the team at Great Lakes Composites with an extensive human resources background in higher education, trucking, and heal…

Meet Cara Petoskey


2021 National Composites Staff Photos Lisa Huey

Lisa Huey

One of the things that Lisa enjoys most about her job is the camaraderie found among the Molded Pla…

Meet Lisa Huey



John Kramm

Johnny has been at Sunrise since 2008 and started as a production worker in lamination. Today, he h…

Meet John Kramm


Able Manufacturing


Roy Murdock

Roy Murdock joined the National Composites in 2020 at our Able Manufacturing branch.  With nearly 40 years of purchasing managemen…

Meet Roy Murdock