The Team

Our work environment encourages teamwork, self-discovery, and personal interaction, which means that rarely will one come to work and do the same thing day-after-day. Our on-the-job cross-training provides personal and professional growth.

At National Composites, attention to detail isn’t a requirement, and it’s a lifestyle. Our team of craftsmen takes great pride in doing the job right. They take great pride in knowing that because of what they are doing, light rail cars are on track; fire-trucks and medical devices are ready to save lives; planes can land and take-off safely, and school cafeterias have places for students to enjoy lunch.

Please take a moment to meet, and get to know those who make up our locations’ family. We hope you enjoy learning the personal side of those that make National Composites an organization that prides themselves on defending our Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources customer promise.

National Composites

Staff Photos Adam 02

Adam Fenton

Until recently my title as COO hadn’t changed since 2019, today I am CEO. While my focus has broadened in order to meet the demands of our growing …

Meet Adam Fenton
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Jason

Jason Beard

When Jason was first hired in 2018, his title was Engineering Manager for National Composites. Through his hard work and dedication to excellence, to…

Meet Jason Beard
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Robert Murch

Robert Murch

While Robert is one of the newest members of the key-management team, he’s anything but new to the composite industry. He brings nearly 20 years of…

Meet Robert Murch
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Toni

Toni Cichowski

While Toni is relatively new to National Composites, having started in March 2021, she’s already made a significant impact by applying her vast…

Meet Toni Cichowski
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Paula

Paula Monttayne

I actually started my professional career as an Infant Lead Teacher and then moved to the corporate office of National Composites in the accounting a…

Meet Paula Monttayne
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Troy Dempsey

Troy Dempsey

Much like finding a treasure at a garage sale, Troy felt the same when National Composites purchased the building where he was working as he does whe…

Meet Troy Dempsey

Great Lakes Composite

2021 National Composites Staff Photos Diane

Diane Gagnier

With over 43 years of experience in the composite industry, there is very little that Diane hasn’t seen or done. And, while others with that level …

Meet Diane Gagnier
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Andy Clark

Andy Clark

Andy joined the National Composites family in January of this year and has already had an impact with his focus on fulfilling customer demands. One o…

Meet Andy Clark


2021 National Composites Staff Photos Brandon Craven

Brandon Craven

While Brandon has only been an Operations Manager at Molded Plastics since January 2021, he’s been a part of the composite industry for over 18-yea…

Meet Brandon Craven
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Aaron

Aaron Manchester

Aaron started with MPI, which is now a part of the National Composites family, back in 2001 as a Quality Manager/Engineer.

Today Aaron is the Engineering Mana…

Meet Aaron Manchester
2021 National Composites Staff Photos Lisa Huey

Lisa Huey

One of the things that Lisa enjoys most about her job is the camaraderie found among the Molded Plastics co-worker family. Some have 20, 30, and 40 y…

Meet Lisa Huey


2021 National Composites Staff Photos Brooke Ripley

Brooke Ripley

Brooke has been a part of the organization for quite some time. She has worn many hats and has excelled and grown with the company since day-1 of her…

Meet Brooke Ripley
2021 National Composites Staff Photos John Kramm

John Kramm

Johnny has been at Sunrise since 2008 and started as a production worker in lamination. Today, he has learned and mastered nearly every step of the c…

Meet John Kramm


2021 National Composites Staff Photos Steve

Steve Gren

If you went by the recent start date, Steve would be new to the National Composite Family. Yet, in reality, Steve is a returning member of the team, …

Meet Steve Gren

Able Manufacturing

Staff Photos Dean Kinzer

Dean Kinzer

As Dean describes his background, his past experiences lead him perfectly into his responsibilities at Able. Before joining the National Composites/Able Manufacturing team, he proud…

Meet Dean Kinzer