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Small plant focus, Big company resources

National Composites, is a multi-plant OEM supplier of custom FRP and thermoformed products.  We offer the convenience, engagement, and focus of a small production facility, but with the resources, reliability, knowledge, and diverse capabilities of a large corporation. We are a “one-stop shop” when it comes to FRP and thermoformed product, we assist on product design (as needed), pattern build in house, prototyping, tool and fixture build in house, a multitude of molding capabilities, fixtured trim and finish capabilities with multiple SKU’s, and a full assembly group dedicated to value-add component installation and assembly.

National Composites unique approach to the market has allowed us to become specialists and industry leaders in the markets we serve. Each plant is dedicated to being the best in their field, solely focusing on specific market segments. With this focused approach, our production staff are able to become true craftsmen of their trade and our sales and engineering staff become your true partners, providing design and engineering assistance. The leaders of our multiple production plants have decades of experience in composites serving multiple different markets and working with a variety of different materials and molding techniques. At National Composites we strive to deliver more than just quality products, we are dedicated to being a true partner with people you can rely on.



Heavy Equipment

Our team has decades of experience in the heavy equipment market producing interior and exterior panels. Utilizing both open and closed molding capabilities we are building parts for some of the leaders in the heavy equipment market. We are currently building parts for cranes, skid-steers, paving equipment, mining equipment, trains, and more. Our engineering department has a deep understanding of the unique structural requirements needed for the heavy equipment industry. 

Heavy Equipment production takes place at our Wyoming MN plant, Sunrise Fiberglass.


National Composites is currently producing a wide array of products including, walk-in bathtubs, restaurant booths, residential/office furniture, door skins, and more. Our team has years of experience in the market with a deep understanding of the cosmetic and structural needs. 

Hospitality production is located in one of our Owosso Michigan plants, Great Lakes Composite.

Other Markets

National Composites is focused on providing total program management solutions as we grow and expand into other markets. The leaders of our multiple production plants have decades of experience in composites serving multiple different markets. Some of the other markets currently being served include.

  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Tanks
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Infrastructure
  • Water Treatment
  • Mass Transit

For more information on the various markets we serve please contact our sales team located in our Troy Michigan headquarters.

Prototype, Pattern, and Tooling

Our tooling division’s key members have over 100 years of combined experience. Some of the world’s leading companies’ ideas are brought to life through our tooling plant. We are working with a multitude of different industry leaders as well as other plastic FRP and composite suppliers around the country. Our capabilities include prototype and production gauges, fixtures, pattern cutting, and tooling.

Our tooling production takes place at our second Owosso location, Excel Pattern and Tool. 


Our medical division is producing parts for some of the household names in the medical industry. Typically using the closed molding process, we are producing a variety of parts for the medical industry, including a variety of exterior panels and housings, as well as medical table components.

Medical production takes place in our Holt Michigan plant, MPI.

Electric and Specialty Vehicle

Since 1974 we have been working with some of the top innovators in the market. We have a deep understanding of the market’s quality and tolerance expectations. Typically using closed molding methods and thermoforming, we have experience creating a multitude of vehicle parts. For many of our customers we provide “plug and play” assemblies, installing electrical components, lighting, heat shielding, and sound suppression components. We are currently serving a variety of customers within the market supplying both interior and exterior components. From fire truck and bus to military and automotive, we have the capabilities to meet our customs needs.

Automotive and Specialty Vehicle production takes place in our Holt Michigan plant, MPI. 

Marine and Recreation

National Composites marine and recreation division has been supplying the nation’s top pontoon and boat manufacturers for years. Utilizing open and closed molding methods we produce helm stands, center consoles, seat bases, table/bar tops, doors, and more. With a deep understanding of the high part quality expectations and the constantly adapting colors and styles, our team are marine experts, specializing in the latest trends of poly flake and metallics gel coats, as well as complex multi gated molds. Our marine division also has a dedicated secondary component assembly group very experienced in the assembly of helm stands and center consoles.

Marine and Recreation production is located in one of our Owosso Michigan plants, Great Lakes Composites.

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