Chief Executive Officer

Adam Fenton

Until recently my title as COO hadn’t changed since 2019, today I am the CEO. While my focus has broadened in order to meet the demands of our growing market share, my passion for maintaining our Small Plant Focus, Big Company Resources has never varied. Initially, my primary focus was on growing our fair market share within the marine vertical.

Since that time, I dedicated myself to gaining additional composite industry knowledge and strategic business management. While I may always keep my fingers on the pulse of sales, adding oversight of operations, and acquisitions and maintaining a focus on the strategic vision of our family of locations is my priority these days.

Every day that I come to work I’m amazed by the work ethic and relentless drive for perfection that our team exhibits. It is through that kind of commitment to fulfilling market demands that National Composites has been able to capitalize upon today’s growth opportunities in the composite industry.

As CEO, I pride myself on listening to our customer’s demands and turning those dreams into reality. With our diverse services found in our family of locations, we are able to define the molding method, quality, and production process that meets customer deadlines and budgets. And, while I’m not in the plant every day, there isn’t a National Composites customer that doesn’t have my cell phone number.

When I am not overseeing the operation of National composites, I turn my focus to my outdoorsmanship passion. While I don’t vacation often these days when I do it’s typically an out-west backcountry hunting trip or deep-sea fishing. Thankfully, both my wife and I enjoy wild game as well as the game of the hunt.

Speaking of games, most wouldn’t know that I was a 4-year letterman and fullback at Central Michigan. And yes, believe it or not, I was a break-man on the US Bobsled team-where I also repaired the post-crash fiberglass sleds.

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