Director of Product Development & Infrastructure

Michael Dymond

Michael recently joined Molded Plastics Industries(MPI) under the National Composites brand in January 2022. No stranger to composite manufacturing, and have spent the past 25yrs in various technical, engineering, and management roles covering a wide array of products processes manufactured for the Defense, Aerospace, Wind, Mass Transit, Oil & Gas, Heavy Truck, and Agricultural Industries.  

Michael finds that his focus on legacy and new product lines is extremely satisfying. In addition, his goal of advancing technological processes and equipment in a planned multi-phase facility expansion helps drive the vision of the National Composites brand. He couldn’t be more excited for the future of MPI and all those directly/indirectly associated.

As a complete foreigner to both Michigan and MPI, Michael was surprised by the welcoming from employees and their willingness and eagerness to embrace upcoming changes. There have been significant and tangible improvements immediately following the National’s acquisition that has continued through to my arrival at MPI. Every day there are incremental steps toward the National’s vision of MPI, and though sometimes interrupting the normal process, one can visibly see the improvements to morale throughout the facility.

Michael believes that his extraordinary background in manufacturing and complimenting personal vision empowers him to add to National Composites’ brand promise. He looks forward to rolling up his sleeves getting dusty and dirty while supporting the team to reach the next milestone of MPI’s progress and their own individual progress along the way.

When Michael was 12-years old in his home state of Kansas, his dream was to become a meteorologist, yet he found manufacturing more satisfying. Now that he lives in Michigan, the weather conditions may be more challenging, and the demand to find a boat more prevalent.   

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